We know our way around the Glacier area, we just closed on a beautiful home for $540,000. We sold the first house to sell over $500k in almost 2 years in that area. Glacier area is an up and coming market, it’s got a bunch of cute little communities off the Mt. Baker Hwy such as Snowline, Glacier Springs, Glacier Rim. It’s a great place for vacation rentals, people who really love outdoor activities and the mountain life, or if you’re just looking to get away from the city.

Its that time of year and if you’re a snowboarder or skier this is the area for you. Its one of the most heavily glaciated mountains of the Cascade Range, therefore, one of the snowiest places in the world. Great for all winter activities, even the summertime hiking is beautiful. If you ever have time, go check out the Big Four Ice Caves. Beautiful crystallized caves you won’t find anywhere else.

This area is becoming more and more popular as the Pacific Northwest grows. If you’re looking for a vacation home or a place to turn into a rental, we know the area best!

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell in the Glacier area, please contact us! We would be happy to talk to you more about the area or show you around.

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