My name is Kait, and I am still relatively new to the Merhaut Marketing Team. I have been taking real estate courses to get my license and I have been in the office trying to learn as much as possible. I have a passion for helping people and getting to know them. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time from Rob. Not just about real estate but about the Bellingham area as well. There is a LOT more to it than I thought.

The Bellingham area is an ever-growing area, with those coming up from Seattle trying to escape the "big city" to something a little smaller, and with those from Canada looking to come down for vacation properties as well. Bellingham is a nice clean city, with a little bit of the small-town feel. Just 30 miles west of Mt. Baker, beautiful Pacific Northwest forestlands, you can go camping, hiking and hunting in the summer or in the winter hit the slopes for some of the best snowboarding or skiing around. Also, being right on the water offers breathtaking views of the bay and the San Juan Islands. You can even take a ferry over to Lummi island to explore for a day. Bellingham is an outdoorsman’s paradise. I personally love to hike Oyster Dome and look out over the islands. One of the most majestic views I’ve ever seen.

Rob has taught me lots about the market in the area as well as the surrounding areas. He knows the area well and has spent nearly the last 20 years selling real estate here. He has taught me the value of print ads in local papers and magazines, although many realtors no longer do this I agree with Rob that it is still a vital part of marketing a property. As well as how to properly word a listing. Wordage is key to selling a listing and taking the time to make sure you really describe the property best way possible. We also advertise on all social media sites (something I am already very familiar with). There is lots of value in taking the time to really make sure you have marketed a listing to the best of your ability, not just posting it on a few of the local sites. I mean really going above and beyond for your client and exploring every option.

I do know that it is a major sellers market right now. With rent continuing to rise and little inventory on the market, places are selling fast! If you have vacant land, acreage, a house or even a condo and have thought about selling in the past, wait no further, now is the time! Rob really knows how to sell it all! Some realtors just focus on residential but we offer a full team and like to sell any type of property. I’ve also learned that even though there are tons of realtors out there who can do a proficient job, there are only a few who really care and want to make sure they do things to the best of their ability for their client. Rob has taught me the importance of really caring about your clients and doing your best to get them what they want. In this business you want to go to the people you can trust. Who could be more trusting than the guy with the big dog?!

I am excited to be able to continue learning all Rob has to teach and to continue to work along side him with the rest of the Merhaut Marketing Team!