Well Update:


Our office just hosted two very knowledgeable attorneys who updated our brokers on the latest with Whatcom County’s “new well” moratorium. New wells and even some previously drilled but unused wells were banned or not available for use as of 6 October, 2016, through an emergency county ordinance.  Late last month, the county council voted to lift the ban, and I’ve personally already contacted a well driller to drill in my riverfront acre. DO IT WHILE YOU CAN.  Previously wells were approved with an assumed daily water usage of 5000 gallons. The new wells as of the county council will be able to draw up to 3000 gallons/day. Be advised that the average home around here uses under 300 gallons/day.   Right now you’ll get the 3000 gallon limit…some in our area want to see new wells (all wells really) receive metering.  DRILL WHILE YOU CAN.  Or if you already have a drilled well…contact the county health dept for information on securing your right to the well you have.  DO IT NOW.

My advice would be to drill your well NOW! There’s our county councilman, Todd Donovan, who voted to keep the moratorium on our right to the water, and the anti-drill-a-well group is conspiring to keep on fighting.. to keep the river from drying up. I understand their argument. I simply disagree that taking the water from the ground and putting it back into it seriously impacts the river’s water flow.


Did I say to wait?


More info…google “Hirst Decision” or contact me at Robm@nwhomes.net.


Oh yeah…one more thing;  , Acme had 94 inches of rain last year.